ProjectWise 365

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Project Collaboration for Small and Mid-size Design Firms

ProjectWise 365 is a new offering available to any organization new to ProjectWise, including small-to-mid-sized design teams and firms, as an instant-on, 100% cloud-based solution to keep remote workers securely connected to project data and each other.  ProjectWise 365 counts towards your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) 

With ProjectWise 365, you will maximize team productivity by simplifying access to project data, accelerating design coordination, and eliminating wasted time navigating disjointed software solutions.    

Engineering Project Teams using ProjectWise 365 can:  

  • Obtain information faster - Store, find, and share project information quickly and easily from your web browser or Microsoft Teams environment. 
  • Accelerate design reviews - Capture and manage feedback on 2D and 3D designs to accelerate collaboration and resolve issues faster. 
  • Better manage contractual exchanges - Automate and manage contractual exchanges and reviews to shorten approval cycles and reduce risk. 

3 Reasons why ProjectWise 365 is right for small-to-mid-sized design firms

  1. Ditch the construction apps - Get the only collaboration solution purpose-built for design projects.
  2. Get instant-on, worry-free collaboration  - Connect project owners, teams, and clients like never before.
  3. Outperform the competition - Produce high-quality designs faster, and take on more work

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