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Employee Onboarding manages and automates the employee onboarding and offboarding tasks.

Employee Onboarding Tool: A SharePoint add-in to manage onboarding and offboarding related tasks, all in one place.

Beyond Intranet offers HR Onboarding software or Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Add-in with SharePoint built-in capabilities. The add-in can manage and automating various employee onboarding and offboarding tasks. The add-in eliminates paperwork and redundancy and focuses on optimizing information as per your organizational practices. You can efficiently automate processes, assign tasks, and foster collaboration among different departments, embracing remote working.  All managed in a secure Microsoft environment. The benefits of Employee Onboarding and Offboarding are not limited to optimizing processes, companies can also improve overall business efficiency and profitability through by eliminating the need for manual follow-ups and task assignment. Partnering with Beyond Intranet gives you the ability to make your onboarding process quick, easy, and accurate.

The Employee Onboarding tool eliminates paperwork and redundancy, optimizing the collection of information. You can smoothly automate processes and collaborate with the team members and departments, all in one place.

The benefits of Employee Onboarding are not limited to the hiring process itself, organizations can also improve overall business efficiency and profitability through better hiring. Partnering with us can give you the power to make your onboarding process quick, easy and accurate.


  • Comes bundled with MS Outlook and MS Teams plug-in
  • Role-based Access to Admin, HR, Department Admins, Reporting Manager, and Task Assignees
  • Manage task categories (Pre-joining, on joining, Post Joining)
  • Organize Tasks into various Departmental and Managerial levels
  • Intuitive graphical dashboard to monitor incomplete/overdue tasks, new hires/offboarded employees
  • Change colors, add your company logo, change app name as per your corporate identity
  • Attach document(s) with each task and set resolution days for each task
  • Automated separate email notifications to HR, Reporting Manager and Task Assignees

  • Ability to change email templates with custom fields for Employee Onboarding and Offboarding emails
  • Send reminder email for overdue & pending tasks to task owners
  • Abort any on-going employee onboarding or offboarding process

    Beyond Intranet Advantage:
  • Microsoft Gold Partner Company, having more than 15 years’ experience