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Biocode is the carbon footprint calculator for food brands, producers and farmers.

Get started with Biocode's 14 days free trial. Biocode is a common-sense carbon footprint calculator for food businesses. Built in climate science enables you to get immediate results for reporting, marketing and reducing emissions – from farm to shelf.

A simple and effective way to measure CO2 throughout supply-chains

Food businesses & product carbon footprints

Get a better understanding of the climate impact of your operations and products. Calculate company Scope 1-3 GHG emissions and product carbon footprints.

Develop new and better products and provide valuable data for your sustainability reporting and marketing.

Agriculture and primary production

Reduce emissions and increase soil organic carbon with the help of Biocode. It's an effective tool for food businesses to collaboratively work with producers and farmers to reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change. Producers and farmers can include carbon footprint calculation in the planning of crop cycles.

Clear reporting and transparent marketing

Meet the needs for CSRD, Green Claims Directive and demands from other stakeholders. Biocode helps to report and communicate all climate impacts of your company. By communicating transparently you avoid greenwashing and make effective climate action a core part of your reporting and marketing.

Why customers love Biocode

Easy to use Simple and easy to use, no previous experience or expertise needed.

Agile − Carbon footprint calculation takes less than 10 minutes.

Insightful − Crystal-clear picture of your products’ carbon footprints throughout the supply chain.

Credible − Biocode is based on the latest scientific research and international standards, which are clearly communicated to user.

"Using Biocode has given us a lot of ‘ah-ha!’ experiences. It has been insightful to use the calculator and see how different raw materials affect the end result. We have learned that rapeseed oil, for example, can increase the carbon footprint of products quite a lot."

Linda Forss, Procurement Manager, Anton&Anton

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Pricing (excl. VAT)

  • Free Trial – 14 days
  • Lite – includes scope 1&2 emission calculation + product LCA – 170 € / month
  • Plus – Lite + Scope 3 emission calculation + farmer tools – 340 € / month
  • Enterprise – API & customised life cycle models – Contact sales