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Advanced Threat Protection for Office365


BitDam protects email from advanced threats.

Showing x10 detection rates compared to the industry standard, BitDam blocks advanced attacks before they reach end-user mailboxes, empowering organizations to collaborate safely. BitDam’s cloud-based solution scans files and URLs to proactively detect attacks, pre-delivery, preventing hardware and logical exploits, ransomware, spear-phishing and Zero-Day attacks.

BitDam’s unique technological approach is focused on the standard applications that open malicious files and links (such as – MS Office, Chrome, Safari etc.), which makes it attack-agnostic, allowing the detection of both known or unknown malware while requiring no security updates.

Key Benefits

  • Top detection rates – 10x the industry standard
  • Blocks malware predelivery, with close to zero latency
  • Fast and easy deployment – 2-click integration with Office365, no MX record change needed
  • Email body and clean files are never saved
  • No need for security updates and patches

Utilized by hundreds of thousands of end-users, BitDam’s Advanced Threat Protection is deployed by leading organizations in Europe and the US, with a proven record of detecting threats that other security solutions fail to uncover.