BitFractal Voiceover Text to Speech (TTS) API

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AI powered Text to Speech (TTS) API for voiceover content creation integrated with your apps.

BitFractal Text to Speech (TTS) API helps content creators, across Media & Telco, Education, Professional Services, Travel, and other industries, create engaging content and experiences, using our hundreds of AI synthetic voices for most languages and dialects, producing high-quality voice over projects for a fraction of the cost and time of using a studio. The generated content can then be used as video voice overs, IVR prompts or Voice Mail audio prompts, added to websites, used to relay corporate messages, for audio books and more.

    • Designed to be easy to use and integrate. Just one API call and that's it, your audio clip is ready.
    • Support to over 400 voices in more than 140 languages.
    • A variety of audio formats to choose, including WAV, MP3, OGG, in many different bit rates.
    • Available in data centers in the US, Europe, and Brazil. Other datacenters can be added upon requests to
    • Can be used along with Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps, Zapier and other orchestrators to easily connect to different system in a low-code format.
    • This is a 100% SaaS offering, NO Azure subscription needed. Upon subscribing you'll receive an email with your access keys and detailed documentation with sample codes in multiple languages to start using it right away

Using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, combining Speech and Text services, BitFractal TTS API is a standalone, purpose-built programming interface to create rich content and have them verbalized in a variety of different languages and speaking styles.

For a full app experience, inside Microsoft Teams, M365, or Outlook, also add the BitFractal Studio (free trials of BitFractal Studio available in the app) to your subscription.

Also need Speech to Text integrated with your apps to transcribe audio? Start a free trial of the BitFractal Transcriber Speech to Text (STT) API.

And if you need an end-to-end solution, combining Text to Speech + OpenAI Chat GPT + Speech to Text, all in on single and easy-to-use API call, make sure you try our most advanced solution: Conversational AI API for IVRs, SMS, and WhatsApp.

BitFractal removes the complexity of advanced AI technologies, by infusing them into productivity tools in a way that becomes natural for business users to benefit from them without having to worry about the ins and outs of the underlying technology stack. It just works and that’s what matters for users.

API trials are available upon request and approval of business case. Reach out to for more information or visit our website.