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Integrate TTS, ChatGPT, and STT with IVRs, WhatsApp, or SMS, for voice and text in just one API call

BitFractal Conversational AI API helps organizations of all sizes, across Media & Telco, Education, Professional Services, Travel, and other industries, to take their Customer Experience to a whole new level, by preserving their investments in their technology stack, while infusing them with the most advanced Generative AI in the market. Optimized for customer interactions, BitFractal combines three powerful technologies in one single API call to handle all types of user and customer interactions. Voice-based, text-based, or hybrid interactive solutions like IVRs, SMS, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and others can easily add BitFractal into the loop, reducing costs and providing a unique customer experience like never seen before.

BitFractal Conversational AI API is the only API in the market that combines Text to Speech + OpenAI on Azure + Speech to Text with support for single and multi-turn conversation in a single API call.

To make it even simpler to use, BitFractal comes with an AI Playground application (available for desktop and mobile devices) to be used to play with all API capabilities, design your prompts and scenarios, and with a click, export all configuration to be used in the API call. That simple. And the AI Playground already come with many different quick-start templates to a variety of different scenarios like:

  • A Customer Service virtual agent for an e-commerce store.
  • A Bank agent using customer data with transfer to human option.
  • A medical clinic bot handling scheduling.
  • Simultaneous call analysis for summarization, sentiment, and entity extraction.
  • Transcribe and Revoice - Use AI voices to narrate anything you say.
  • Voice to Text and Text to Voice translation.
  • A coding bot that teaches how to write code in any programming language to use the BitFractal API.
And these are only a scratch on the surface to what you can do with this API. Your imagination is your limit.

Here are some of the key capabilities of the BitFractal API:

  • Designed to be easy to use and integrate. Just one API call and that's it.
  • Support for Multi-turn conversations - The context is kept between requests creating a more natural conversation.
  • Support for text, voice, or hybrid interactions.
  • Granular control over the GPT model parameters.
  • Supports to over 140 languages.
  • Supports a variety of audio formats, including WAV, MP3, OGG, OPUS, and WEBM in many different bit and sample rates.
  • Use all capabilities at once, or just the ones you need, and only pay for what you use.
  • Available in data centers in the US, Europe, and Brazil. Other datacenters can be added upon requests to
  • Can be used along with Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps, Zapier and other orchestrators to easily connect to different system in a low-code format.
  • This is a 100% SaaS offering, NO Azure or OpenAI subscriptions needed. Upon subscribing you'll receive an email with your access keys and detailed documentation with sample codes in multiple languages to start using it right away

This API was designed to also optimize costs; thus, its pricing is based on AI credits, that are consumed at every API request, but you only pay for what you use. At each request, each technology (Text to Speech, OpenAI, and Speech to Text) consumption is tracked independently and the API returns detailed consumption information at every request. To help you estimate your AI credits need, when using English language, and all 3 technologies at the same time, each AI credit would allow you to process around 500,000 characters of Text to Speech, or 500,000 GPT tokens, or 46 minutes of speech transcription.

Check our APIs documentation here and see how easy it is to take your applications, solutions and platforms to the next level.

After you subscribe, make sure you keep an eye out for an email from with your access code and link to activate your subscription.