Business Central Post Dated Cheque

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Manage Post Dated Cheques when you receive them with automatic reflection in the ledger

Tired of keeping track of presentation day to record a PDC? With our solution, you can record your cheques the same day you receive them with automatic reflection in the ledger.


Cash Planning

Accurate updates on cash flow with bank transactions along with visualization of the cash flow for a particular period.

Comprehensive Report

Get a comprehensive report of all the PDC transactions with the ability to sort by vendor, customer, and status. It also allows you to include or exclude post-dated transactions in accounting reports.


Get notified days, weeks, or even months before the cheque date based on your convenience

Customer PDC Transaction

Get a record of all customer PDC transactions for analysis of the cheque clearance

Vendor PDC Transaction

Get a record of all vendor PDC transactions allowing you to analyze cheque clearance/bounce rate

PDC Creation & Processing (Customer & Vendor)

Create the record of PDC and get a full analysis of all the processing stages from cheque entry to deposit

Matured PDC Processing

Once the date approaches, the cheque will be processed and reflected in the ledger

PDC Reversal

Get informed about the reversal of PDCs and track all the complete procedure

PDC Bounce/ Cancellation

If a cheque is bounced, you will be notified and can take an action on it

Maintaining PDC Ledgers

All the ledgers will automatically be updated when collected, deposited, bounced, or reversed.