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ScholarshipUniverse automates the entire scholarship management process for colleges & universities.

Applying for scholarships can be confusing and time-consuming for students. Riddled with questions about where to find scholarships, how to know if they’re legitimate, and if they even qualify, it’s no wonder that many students choose to not apply for any. And for higher ed professionals that want to help students along their journeys to financial success, it can be equally confusing. A simple online search for “scholarships” brings up a vast and confusing space for students and staff – and leaves everyone unclear on the best path.  However, scholarships are crucial to the financial health of students and higher education institutions, including enrollment, retention, and bringing in external funds.  With ScholarshipUniverse, schools can ensure that students have a simple and secure way to apply for scholarships – and staff has a simple and secure way to manage them.

When students create an account and answer some matching questions, they gain access to institutional scholarships, as well as over 10,000 vetted external scholarships. Featuring an innovative matching engine, scholarships can automatically be sorted by relevance, award amount, difficulty, and more. It houses essay submissions, recommendation requests, deadline reminders, and more!

For schools, ScholarshipUniverse increases internal fund utilization, brings external funds to help internal funds go even further,  and keeps more students enrolled at your school – all while minimizing the effort and time required to manage the scholarship process.  Keep everyone on the path to student financial success with ScholarshipUniverse by CampusLogic.


ScholarshipUniverse from CampusLogic is an entirely cloud-based service in the Azure Intelligent Cloud environment that allows higher education institutions to manage the entire scholarship cycle, including applying, reviewing, awarding, and reporting, plus donor management. The review process includes committee management, application scoring, and follow-up communications is automated. Schools can create their own scoring and ranking rules to accelerate processes, and even automate communications and alerts to cut down on time spent chasing students. The solution is fully embedded within the Microsoft stack, leveraging Azure Blob storage for unlimited document storage, and providing security via the Azure world-class security, encryption, and keyvault client encryption management.