Outlook Addin for SAP Attachments

kiadó: CaRD Gesellschaft für EDV-Beratung mbH

Attach E-Mails to any SAP Business Object like Sales Orders, Purchasing Orders and many more

The Outlook Addin for SAP Attachments allows you to attach your email to an SAP Business Object automatically and very easy. All you need is the Add-in for Microsoft Office and a Netweaver based SAP system with standard customizig settings. The Add-in converts emails and attachments to a PDF file which will be linked to your SAP Business Object. The PDF file will be saved as SAP Business Document in your content repository. We also support automatic assignments based on the subject of the e-Mail and all SAP Business Objects based on your customizing in OAC3. If the subject contains the sales order id the mail can automatically assigned to the related SAP object. E-Mail Attachments can also be converted and merged to a single PDF file (including the message body) so that you can file the whole process in a single PDF. We also support native MSG files which also can be used for archiving. Everybody can view the email afterwards with SAP GUI within the integrated viewer (PDF Approach) or within Outlook (requires local Office installation), so that you have best transparency for your processes in SAP.