Cerenade eCMS Offer


eCMS by Cerenade helps you work on cases, forms, gather client info, track dates, and much more.

As an attorney, handling multiple cases can be stressful, especially if you don’t have a system in a place that has everything organized. Additionally, you may have five different programs to manage your day to day operations, which involves a lot of back and forth, locating that information you are seeking. eCMS by Cerenade is more than just a Case Management software; It is your assistant helping you work on cases, forms, gathering client info, tracking dates, and much more, all in one single software. 

Rather than have multiple programs on multiple computers, why not have a central system in place that allows you to keep things organized, but that same software can help you perform most of your daily tasks. That is where eCMS by Cerenade comes into play. 
eCMS by Cerenade is a Case Management software for Attorneys and Paralegals but is much more than that. eCMS offers Case Management, Client Management, Forms Management, Process Management, Configuration Management, Reports Management, Questionnaire tracking, Billing, and many other modules to help you run your practice more efficiently and effectively.  
With all these tools, you can successfully gather all your client’s information, gather important case details including the necessary forms, be reminded about important tasks and expirations, and successfully help your clients throughout their case. And because it is a cloud-based application, it can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, all in one central location. 
As technology advances, so should the way you manage your practice.