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A personalized, gamified platform for educational institutions

Classera stands with a mission to revolutionize the e-learning ecosystem all over the world, focusing on developing smart e-learning solutions. We are passionate about maintaining a sustainable engagement and motivation cycle for students everywhere. In addition to our programs for educational institutions, we provide training for corporations and government agencies. Classera has more than 12 million users across more than 40 countries and is a market leader in the education technology industry.

Classera distinguishes itself in two main aspects:

  • First, engagement, where Classera has capitalized on two main strategies: gamification and network effect. Gamification helps to make the learning process more exciting and rewarding, while network effect compliments the equation by adding the challenge aspect to engage students from all different regions.
  • Second, differentiator is Classera’s take on personalized learning. At Classera, personalized learning environments are a top priority. Isn’t it time we break the cycle for “mass” education? In Classera’s platform, artificial intelligence and machine learning are deployed together to offer real personalized learning based on students’ strengths, shortcomings, and preferences.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered LMS designed to make your learning journey more personalized and unique;
  • AI & ML enhanced tools to digitally transform your organization and amplify its impact;
  • The platform is available in 12 languages;
  • Gamification solutions to create a game-like atmosphere in your classroom;
  • Rewarding system to motivate everyone in your institution;
  • Personalized learning features based on students’ strengths, shortcomings, and preferences;
  • Adaptive learning customized for each student;
  • AR/VR experiences deployed together in one platform;
  • Student behavior management system to monitor your students’ interactions;
  • Tracking system to offer relevant feedback for parents;
  • 15+ user roles;
  • 12+ integrated solutions like payment gateway and marketplace;
  • 70+ EdTech and content partners from around the globe to enhance the educational experience;
  • An online library loaded with resources for self-development;
  • Our dedicated team offers unparalleled support and comprehensive training, backed by access to the Classera Knowledge Base.

The disruption that Classera is making in the industry has stimulated movement in tech companies to seek out partnerships. Microsoft, Intel, HP and other global partners have already started working with Classera in many projects, to the advantage of each party.

What our partners say about Classera?

“For over 7 years, we've forged a distinguished partnership built on a strategic strategy. Our collaboration with Classera has been pivotal in driving digital transformation in Andalus schools. Amidst various experiences, they stand out as a true partner, sharing our vision. During crises, like the recent pandemic, their unwavering support proved invaluable. We eagerly anticipate a bright future together”.

~ Youssef Alkhariji – Andalus Group CEO - Saudi Arabia

“Classera is a respected expert in the education sector. We’ve been delighted to their professional attitude. As a biggest learning platform in Finland. We’re excited to continue our strongest partnership with Classera”.

~ Makke Leppanen – Eduten LTD - Finland

What our customers say about Classera?

“Classera tools allow us to follow the progress of our learners and the growth of their success".

~ TAYBAH Educational Center – Tunisia

“We highly recommend Classera EdTech products. They meet all educational needs, significantly contribute to the educational process, and enhance student-teacher interaction. Classera makes education more engaging and effective”.

~ Alaqsa International Schools – Turkey

Classera leverages a suite of Microsoft services to enhance its platform, providing an efficient, scalable, and secure learning experience for users. Key Microsoft services used by Classera include:

  • Microsoft Azure: Scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure;
  • Microsoft Teams: Real-time collaboration for students, teachers, and administrators;
  • Azure AI Services: AI and machine learning for personalized learning, automated grading, and content recommendations.

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