Atlas Digital Workplace and Intranet Platform

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Atlas, the People-First Digital Workspace for Teams and Microsoft 365

The way we work has changed. Many of the organisations that we help have a plethora of tools, sprawl of data and users can’t find the information they need to get their jobs done. Atlas overcomes these problems by integrating key Microsoft 365 tools and helping users know what to use when, with intuitive and smart tools.

Knowledge, communication and collaboration are brought together beautifully in one platform, enabling people to find and share information, accelerating the adoption of new processes and vastly increasing employee knowledge sharing.

Atlas helps organisations get the best out of Microsoft technology.

Atlas and Microsoft Viva

Together Microsoft Viva and Atlas empower people and teams to achieve even more through enhanced employee experience and by encouraging knowledge-based relationships. Atlas makes finding and sharing knowledge with Microsoft Viva Topics more intuitive and user friendly.

ClearPeople is a preferred partner for Microsoft Viva Topics. 

Key Features

Core features such as smart provisioning tools, insights and accessibility make Atlas the all-in-one, people-first digital workspace solution it is.

Teams Platform – Atlas seamlessly works in tandem with Microsoft Teams and enhances the provisioning, knowledge and user experience.
Atlas ConneX – A feature that automates governance, provisioning and workspace lifecycle management.
Atlas Add It - An intuitive-to-use feature that allows any user to add content anywhere, no technical know-how required.
Mandatory Read – This feature ensures key documents are read, and stores them for future reference.
Enterprise Search - Atlas enhances Microsoft Search so that people, workspaces and content can all be found from a single interface.
User Experience – A consistent and enjoyable user experience across all devices.
Accessible – Inclusivity and accessibility are key.
Collaboration & Social – Atlas enhances the interoperability of Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Office and OneDrive.
Analytics & Governance – Atlas extends Microsoft’s analytics, offering deep reporting and helpful user insights.
Templates & IM – Flexible site architecture, a full range of templates and rich, automated tagging all enable powerful information management.
Microsoft 365 Features – The full array of standard Microsoft 365 services is embedded into Atlas’ pages and templates.
Security – Atlas is secure by design and follows configurations within your Microsoft 365 environment.