Cognite Data Fusion

kiadó: Cognite AS

Cognite Data Fusion®, the leading Industrial DataOps platform for asset-heavy industries.

2023 Microsoft Western Europe Partner of the Year Award for Independent Software Vendor
2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award, Finalist - Energy & Resources
2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award, Finalist - Industrials & Manufacturing

By subscribing to Cognite Data Fusion® on Azure Marketplace (e.g. by pressing "Get it now" and completing the registration), you will not enter into a binding agreement on the purchase of Cognite Data Fusion®, but initiate the process to do so. A representative from Cognite's Sales team will contact you to present applicable prices and Cognite's Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) Order Form. A binding agreement with Cognite is not entered into until you and an authorized representative of Cognite AS have signed the MSA Subscription Order Form.

Cognite is a global industrial SaaS company that was established with one clear vision: to rapidly empower industrial companies with contextualized, trustworthy, and accessible data to help drive the full-scale digital transformation of asset-heavy industries around the world.

Cognite Data Fusion®, the leading Industrial DataOps platform, contextualizes operational asset data at scale in real-time, enabling companies to make better decisions about maintenance, production, and safety. Cognite Data Fusion®, is designed to quickly contextualize OT/IT data to develop and scale industrial AI solutions and applications to deliver both profitability and sustainability. We use technology like Generative AI, big data, machine learning, and 3D modeling to get there. Cognite Data Fusion® allows all data consumers and third-party applications to easily search and explore data via our rich graphical interface and our developer-friendly SDKs and APIs.

We serve manufacturing, oil & gas, power and utilities, renewable energy, and other asset-heavy industries. Our technology helps to operate through transitions, sustainably and to scale, without sacrificing bottom lines. We believe data must be made accessible, insightful, and open.

Cognite Data Fusion® Benefits:

  • Cognite leverages a broad range of Microsoft technologies and services. Cognite solutions leverage integrations across a broad spectrum of Azure services such as Azure Open AI, Azure API Management, Azure Active Directory, Azure IoT and Power Platform connectors. Additionally, Cognite takes advantage of a broad spectrum of Azure data storage, Functions and Kubernetes services to deliver interactive-level user performance at Enterprise Scale.
  • Solves key challenges of cloud data architects, data scientists, and citizen developers, allowing them to leverage industrial data for AI deployment at scale.

  • Democratizes embedded subject-matter expertise with data access and contextualization.

  • Empowers industrial data consumers to operationalize and scale models and applications to rapidly go beyond the Proof of Concept stage.

Cognite Applications address the "last mile" on the life of industrial data and AI, focusing on complete end-user experiences in maintenance and field workers' efficiency.

Cognite Maintain - Bringing AI and seamless collaboration into your maintenance processes by breaking down traditional data and organizational barriers.

Cognite Infield - Your in-field AI-assistant for maximum field worker productivity.

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