Kira - Office 365 digital workplace intranet

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Discover the Office 365 intranet that’s built for a better employee experience

Kira is the intranet that empowers your organisation to get more done.

Its straightforward interface and powerful publishing tools enable your colleagues to communicate and collaborate better. And it’s designed for complete integration with Office 365, becoming the core of a truly transformative digital workplace.

Key Features

  • Built to be mobile-friendly - Kira is designed with mobile in mind. Users get a great experience no matter what device they choose to use.
  • Reactive and responsive - Kira works had-in-hand with SharePoint Online to support assistive technologies, enabling accessibility for everyone.
  • Towards a Digital Workplace- Build a truly collaborate digital workplace that enables employees to communicate.
Kira builds on the capabilities of Office 365, turning it into a rich, satisfying digital workplace. It features everything you’d expect from an intranet — news articles, pages, blogs, events, social media integration. Add in streaming video, auto-personalised homepages, sentiment analysis and metadata-driven search, and you start to see why our customers tell us they love Kira. What’s more, Kira is exceptionally closely-aligned to Microsoft’s vision and roadmap, meaning everything’s seamlessly integrated, and you’ll get the latest Office 365 features as early as possible.