eComFax: secure advanced messaging platform

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eComFax is a secure advanced messaging platform designed for compliance and mobility

Fax has been around for decades and is used by millions of businesses around the world every day. However, there are problems that come with analog fax such as security, cost, flexibility and mobility. We offer a solution that solves these problems and reduces cost. Virtual fax uses the same protocols and basic processes of traditional faxing, but without the need for machines or maintenance fees, telephone lines and consumables. Everything is done in digital format via Internet. eComFax is therefore a secure advanced messaging platform designed for compliance and mobility. It allows to send and receive virtual fax and SMS in a clean, secure, reliable way, to any recipient, from any device or location. It guarantees significant savings in your certified written communications while maintaining security and GDPR compliance. eComFax can improve compliance with data security and legislation such as GDPR and MiFId II. Under these laws, it is imperative that companies utilize technology that can keep data and communications safe and traceable; Cloud faxing allows you to do this. Legal validity Unlike most emails, faxes are legally binding documents and are admissible in court. Send and receive documents in multiple formats: Microsoft Office, txt, pdf, tif, jpeg, etc. Securely store sensitive documents and data. We offer unlimited cloud storage where you can store faxes and documents in our highly secured cloud for as long as you need. Scale usage at any time, increase or reduce fax numbers and users whenever you want. There are some unique advanced features only available in eComFax: Use CertiFAX® for delivering secure faxes with certified Proof of Delivery for Legal compliance. Valid in Europe and many countries around the world. Use SecureFax® to provide secure Fax delivery for highly sensitive documents, according to worldwide regulations for Data Protection. (Dodd-Frank Act, PCI-DSS). Provide PCIFAX service to financial institutions to deliver documents with sensitive payment card information, according to PCI-DSS standards. Straight forward integration - API Enabled. Use our RESTFull API or SMTP integration to easily connect with document management systems and call center ACDS.