kiadó: Conigital

Conigital Integrated Connected and Automated Vehicle Platform

ConICAV™ automates and optimises ground transport fleets either driven or driverless both landside and airside for the worlds largest airports needing to boost key operational and performance metrics such as aircraft turnaround times and passenger throughput.

We initially focus on automating and optimising ground transport fleets and operations either driven or driverless for the worlds largest airports leading to improved asset management, operational excellence and digital transformation across the entire business. We improve key performance metrics such as aircraft turnaround times, passenger experience and supply chain management, with benefits estimated between 15 and 30%.

ConICAV™ is empowered by ConOPTIUM™, a powerful patent-pending multi-dimensional optimisation algorithm that utilises Big Data from a variety of disparate sources along with Machine Learning to gain insights to predicting when and where your fleet or assets need to be deployed taking into consideration multiple complex & conflicting objectives in real time based on airport site owners’ priorities at any given time while considering external real-time factors such as strong winds or other disruptions.​

ConICAV™ and ConOPTIUM™ proprietary architecture is the only technology capable of combining optimisation and automation with a near infinite amount of objectives at the same time and is currently used in to optimise aircraft trajectories and FTSE 250 supply chains.​