Cloud SFTP / MFT for SharePoint and Azure Storage

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Cloud SaaS managed SFTP/MFT platform that works with SharePoint and Azure.

SFTP was never built for the cloud. We changed that.

Couchdrop's Cloud SFTP / MFT supports B2B and EDI file exchange through its cloud native SaaS platform. Couchdrop turns your cloud storage into a full featured SFTP server with enterprise automation capabilities to enable reliable, secure and fast file exchange between platforms and organizations.

Cloud SFTP - An SFTP server, but built for the cloud.

  • Native SFTP, FTP/S, S3, SCP and Rsync support
  • Bring your own storage, Azure Blob, Files, SharePoint, OneDrive or your Windows File Server
  • Granular user security (IP access, folder permissions)
  • RSA key, password and RSA + password authentication support
  • Supports all clients and applications that support SFTP, SCP and Rsync (FileZilla, CyberDuck, WinSCP etc.)

Automate - Build simple or multi-level file automation workflows that can take an automated action based on upload, download, a time schedule or webhook trigger.

  • Copy and move files from one platform (SFTP, Windows File Server, cloud storage) to another (i.e. pull files from a remote SFTP location to Azure)
  • Rename files using extensive variables (user, timestamp, month date time formats, and more)
  • Decrypt or encrypt with PGP
  • Compress and decompress files
  • Automatically transfer between SFTP and SharePoint or Azure on a regular basis

Inboxes - Collect files directly to your cloud storage with a secure web portal or email attachments.

  • Secure inboxes to retrieve ad-hoc files through web portal or email
  • Custom branding and white-label the product and a customer facing upload portal
  • Configure anonymous uploads so that end users can upload directly into their folder without credentials
  • Collect form data with file uploads
  • Email attachments be imported directly into a specific folder within your storage


  • Fully hosted and managed solution (SaaS)
  • SOC2 and HIPAA compliant enterprise grade solution
  • Mount any platform for connectivity, whether its Azure Blob, SharePoint, SFTP, or something else
  • Malware protection
  • Microsoft SSO and Federated Service support
  • Reporting on uploads, file transfers, admin events
  • Webhook and email notifications at a folder and global levels
  • Comprehensive API