IONIX (formerly Cyberpion) - Attack Surface Management Redefined

kiadó: CyberPion

Widest Coverage, Sharpest Focus


Your attack surface is complex. Securing it is even more complex – especially when attackers can easily exploit your organization through exposed digital supply chain connections propagated via HTML links, scripts, and chains of DNS records.

That’s why IONIX’s patented technology is built to help you see everything that matters, so you can focus on what matters most.

Key Benefits:

IONIX provides continuous discovery, assessment, visibility, and remediation of your digital supply chain:

    • Discovery – Automatic discovery and mapping of both internal and external assets (third-party vendors, partners and more)
    • Assessment – Continuous risk assessment of assets and connections to surface threats and vulnerabilities
    • Visibility & Alerts – Ongoing visibility of ecosystem information, inventories, findings, alerts, and recommended actions, delivered via a web-based dashboard or API integration.
    • Remediation – Accelerate MTR by prioritizing critical items and Active Protection functionality to automatically neutralize immediate threats.

Azure Sentinel Integration:

IONIX's platform seamlessly integrates with Azure Sentinel and adjacent tools, enabling SOC teams to mitigate or remediate identified vulnerabilities automatically.

Target Audience:

Our solution is designed for users at any job level across various cybersecurity and IT job functions.