Mailinja – Encrypt & Legitimate Emails. But Simple

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Mailinja – Encrypt & Legitimate Emails. But Simple.

This is Mailinja and I can help you to encrypt your emails - easy and compatible with any platform!

For Recipient: No Registration. Only PDF Reader Needed.

How does it work?

• Use the compose message form to compose your email.
• Your encrypted email will be prepared and handed over to the selected email client, you just need to send.
• Your passcode, which is needed to decrypt the email, will be transferred via Mailinja, either via email or if you are already registered via Mailinja app.
• The recipient often only needs a PDF reader like Adobe Reader and the passcode to open the encrypted email

Why Mailinja?

• Easy to use
• Super-compatible, works on any platform
• End-to-end encryption (up to AES-256 Bit)
• For recipient: No registration. Only PDF reader needed.
• Legitimation of sender email address
• Prevents data leakage, loss of intellectual property and personal/organization secrets
• No upfront key exchange needed
• No own infrastructure needed
• Supports to fulfill EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements
• Based on proven and strong industry standards from Microsoft, Apple, Google and Adobe
• Highly scalable, efficient and secure, hosted in Microsoft Azure Datacenters in Europe
• Made in Germany

You have feedback / ideas?

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