Cyviz Easy Server

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Secure remote control and management for next-level, advanced meeting room and collaboration spaces

The Cyviz Easy Server is part of the Cyviz Easy Platform which provides a comprehensive platform for next-level room control and remote management for a wide range of meeting and collaboration spaces including boardrooms, innovation & experience centres, training rooms, event spaces and operation centres.

The Cyviz Easy Server provides the following capabilities of advanced remote management:

  • Remote support and system diagnostics (including remote desktop control)
  • Centralized equipment monitoring and overview
  • Centralized upgrade of AV equipment firmware and software
  • Usage Analytics and user feedback
  • Building Management System (BMS) integration

The Cyviz Easy Server software is based on industry standard technology from Microsoft and can be installed either on customers’ Windows Server machines, customer Azure tenant or provided as SaaS. Authentication is done via Microsoft Active Directory and an advanced access control system allows authorization for individual users on both system and functional level.

The Cyviz Easy Server is designed to work with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows (MTRoW) systems. Cyviz Easy Server is complementary and an extension to the Teams Admin Center and Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal as it provides enhanced remote support and management for advanced collaboration spaces and the specialized AV hardware that is located both in the meeting room as well as the rack room/IDF (e.g., ceiling/handheld/lapel microphones, multi-zone speakers, audio DSP, HDMI/IP video matrix switchers, Projection/LCD/LED ultra-wide video wall displays).