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WinAutoGest is an online administration program for management schools and training centers

This application is available only in Spanish. The best management for all sections of your driving school. The main features are:
  • Management of students: Enrollment, charges, practical and theoretical classes, contract, billing, incidents, management tasks, etc.
  • Calendars of professors of practices: Students can sign the practical classes on a mobile device and it is stored in their card.
  • Summary of invoices issued and received that help you to prepare the main tax models.
  • Management of ordinary permits (B, A1, A2, C + E, etc.), Special (ADR, CAP, RPV) and Specific courses.
  • Fully adaptable to the way of working of each road training center.
  • Multiple sections: You can configure all the sections (centers) of the driving school. Any user from another section can see and manage students from another section
  • Vehicles, sections, permits, teachers, document series, contract templates, etc.
  • Generation of all the official models to be presented at the Provincial Headquarters: Application for proficiency tests, Photo heel, list of theoretical and practical exams, Theoretical and practical lessons file, File transfer, etc.
Complement it with WinAutoGest Students: Application for the students of your driving school that allows them to:
  • Sign the online contract.
  • View your agenda of practical classes.
  • Reserve (or cancel) practical classes.
  • Pay with a debit or credit card from anywhere.
  • View and download your invoices and collections.
  • Study the evolution of the knowledge acquired in the practical classes (Graphically).
And with Vialprofe (Program for teachers of practices):
  • Students sign the practical classes on the teacher's mobile device.
  • Generation of Model 12 (Practical classes file). It is no longer necessary to print the practical classes file.
  • Student file: classes, personal data, virtual tickets.
  • Assessment of the exercises carried out in each of the classes (fully configurable and adaptable to each center)