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PowerBI Portal hosts unlimited reports and dashboards, and lets you share them with anyone.

PowerBI Portal is a web tool that allows users to embed any number of Power BI reports and dashboards on a portal, and share them with whoever they want, regardless of being in their organization or even having a Power BI account. PowerBI Portal also optimizes Azure data consumption, resulting in tremendous savings for companies who rely on Power BI for their reporting needs.

Optimize management

Need to share several reports with dozens of suppliers? Or share sales reports with hundreds of collaborators? No problem. PowerBI Portal offers a tailored and unlimited report sharing experience to anyone, regardless of being in your organization or having a Power BI account. Manage who sees and edits the reports and dashboards of your choice and ensure that users only access the data you selected through their custom access code. Share an unlimited number of reports and dashboards in PowerBI Portal with an unlimited number of users.

Optimize costs

By changing the way Power BI reports and dashboards are shared, PowerBI Portal optimizes costs associated with hosting them in the cloud. Unlike regular reports, you can set a limited refresh capacity for reports on PowerBI Portal that turns them off when inactive. If activity is detected, the report becomes available again. By turning reports on and off according to user activity instead of letting them be perpetually available, PowerBI Portal ensures your company only spends what it needs.

Optimize security

Power BI reports in PowerBI Portal supports two instances of row-level security to ensure that your company’s data is only shared with trusted collaborators or clients. On top of them, you can apply individual custom filters reports so users only see data pertaining to them. This allows you to share a single report with a variety of users while making sure each only has access to an individual set of your data.

PowerBI Portal comes packed with many benefits:

  • Host unlimited reports in the cloud
  • Share your reports with an unlimited number of users
  • Share your reports with anyone – even users outside your organization and without a Power BI license
  • Reduce the costs associated with report sharing
  • Unlimited support from DevScope
  • Continuous free updates with the integration of features suggested by you

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