Big Data Management for Analytics & Insights

kiadó: Digital Dialogue

Manage your big data environment with automated, governed and secure platform, swift & flexible

CUBIKA Big Insights applies machine learning, analytics, and Digital Dialogue’s NLP in automating tasks, categorizing, and standardizing not only English but Thai data across enterprise’s big data environment, helping everyone from business users, data engineers, analysts to IT in achieving their task, gaining an understanding of data, and turning them into actionable insights.

The approach covers the entire data journey from capture, curate to consume, unifies all relevant parties from IT, data owner to business users in a platform which provides an enterprise with:

  1. Modernized big data platform for your enterprise
  2. Holistic Intelligent data management tool – from data storage & access, data security to analytics, we got you covered.
  3. Tools for accelerated intelligent insights

Powered by Microsoft Azure’s wide range of products in management and governance, analytics, database, and Power BI, our solution help clients in achieving a future-ready, highly intelligent, and automated data governance and data security platform for their data environment with less effort but with more efficiency in data management.

Key features:

· Cost-efficient - enterprise of any size can become a data-driven enterprise with CUBIKA Big Insights at a fraction of cost while enjoy the highest caliber of Azure and Hadoop.

· Holistic & end-to-end solution – CUBIKA Big Insights helps you manage, organize, democratize, secure, and turn your data into actionable insights in a few clicks.

· Quick deployment – fully integrated with various relevant Azure products, enabling customers in gaining benefits and generating insights from their data.

· Expert in the field – Digital Dialogue wins Microsoft Thailand Partner of the Year for 3-consecutive year. We have been named as a Solution Innovation Partner for Data and AI Microsoft Thailand Partner of the Year in 2018 for helping clients made a breakthrough with CUBIKA Big Insights in generating business values and paving the way to lead with insights.

· Establishing trust & ensuring regulatory compliance – equipping enterprises with the CBI Data Govern and CBI Data Secure and advise for sound data governance with full compliance to data privacy policy and any regulations such as PDPA.