CUBIKA Conver - Intelligent Enterprise Chatbot

kiadó: Digital Dialogue

Transform your Business & Maximise Outcomes with Conversational AI

The CUBIKA family

CUBIKA is Digital Dialogue’s flagship intelligence product, consisting of AI, machine learning, advanced analytics and NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities, powered by Digital Dialogue’s market leading Thai NLP engine. A holistic solution for organisations of every size; unlocking full capabilities of AI, machine learning and data analytics to re-imagine the way businesses can thrive.

Embark on a conversational AI journey with CUBIKA Conver

Possibilities are endless with CUBIKA Conver’s AI-powered chatbot solution. Organisations can kickstart their conversational AI journey with a highly intuitive user-interface and a customisable web-based solution. It is simple and efficient. Digital Dialogue is the first in Thailand to be certified for the Microsoft Healthcare Bot Programme.  We are uniquely positioned to help healthcare providers in harnessing and accelerating their chatbot capability.

Maximise the potential of your chatbot

This solution amplifies the abilities of a chatbot by infusing it with AI and NLP.  Whether the user interacts with text or speech, CUBIKA Conver helps the chatbot in recognising the intention behind it. 

Powered by Digital Dialogue’s Thai NLP engine and framework along with Microsoft Cognitive Services, the chatbot is bolstered by the multi-language capabilities where it can understand users on an intent-based level and provide appropriate responses and ultimately help users in accomplishing their goals; be it to access information, complete tasks or execute transactions.

CUBIKA Conver comes with Smart FAQ, where users can upload an FAQ database, thus providing much-needed flexibility to improve and train the AI and machine learning to better serve dynamic changes in customer needs from FAQ chatbot.

Key highlights of CUBIKA Conver

  • Highly efficient and highly intuitive web-based GUI for training the chatbot
  • Multiple languages supported including Chinese, Japanese and Thai
  • Chat history can be stored for 6+ months or until storage is fully utilised
  • Comprehensive dashboard providing reports on interaction channel, daily usage details, and number of users interacting with chatbot
  • Can be integrated with various communication channels
  • Interoperability with live-chat agent
  • 1 of 2 companies in APAC certified for the Microsoft Healthcare Bot Programme