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PublishOne - the end-to-end solution to create, manage and publish your professional content

You produce content for serious professionals. Whether you are a publisher in the legal market servicing lawyers, a technology company servicing IT professionals or an educational company servicing higher level educational institutes, your content is important to your clients. They access it on paper, on-line, with their e-book reader or even in an e-learning solution.

Your authors can be internal and mostly in your offices or external and anywhere in the world, but one thing you know for sure. They collaborate with others to produce the best content and they love to use Microsoft Word. They want to concentrate on their contribution and not spent time learning new tools.

PublishOne is the end-to-end content creation, management, and publication solution in use by major business and educational publishers, technology providers and government institutions. It is a highly configurable - SaaS - application that is used equally effectively by small, mid-size and large companies.

PublishOne is easy to use

  • Use the editor most people know well: Microsoft Word

  • Access your content though a highly intuitive user interface

  • Have browser based, secure access from anywhere in the world

Use the workflow process that suits your content best

  • Easily configure your own PublishOne workflow processes and contributor roles

  • Don’t force everyone into the same mould: use simple processes when you can, use elaborate processes when you need them

Distribute your content across all your channels

  • Publish to paper, on-line, e-book or any other channel simultaneously

  • Publish when your content is ready: the process takes seconds

  • Use standard templates to consistently produce high quality output

Fully control your content

  • Have complete control over versions: PublishOne offers a single source of reference

  • Reuse your content with ease

  • Understand the status of each document

Use a solution that evolves with you

  • All clients use the same version: the latest

  • Future PublishOne releases are defined and created in close conjunction with its client councils: PublishOne future releases cover its clients future needs

Truly integrate PublishOne into your enterprise

  • All user functions have a corresponding API

  • Use SAML single sign-on for your internal users

  • Connect workflows using the Azure Event Grid