Dom Rock AI for business platform

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AI for business platform that empowers people to make better and faster decision enlightened by data

Dom Rock AI for business platform

AI for business platform works with its integrated intelligent algorithms allowing seamless and faster process from data to insights.

  • It all begins with data capturing in its original state regardless its format such as image, audio, PDF, text, tables, streaming, IoT, etc.
  • As next step, the digital journey component identifies the data coming through and perform all the work to extract data aiming high accuracy.
  • As a result, all extracted data goes to the data framer component which is responsible to mapping and modelling from business semantic perspective. At this stage, the original raw data is now converted into raw business data with its appropriate meaning.
  • From this point on, the omni data component applies all data set operations that is required such as correlation, join, concatenation, aggregation, etc.
  • In addition, the digital thinking component consumes all business data and information to apply decision making algorithms such as decision tree, classifiers, prediction, simulation, to name a few, aiming to generate scenarios to facilitate the business decision process.
  • Finally, all the information generated in a form of analytics is distributed by business publishing component in several ways such as web app, white label app, API, third party reporting tools, etc.
  • Last but no least important, all the original data receives a unique trace code allowing users to have full transparency and traceability throughout the process.

The platform works after a configuration methodology that takes only two to ten weeks maximum thus allowing users experience the benefits to agile decision process which was not possible until now.

This app is available only in Portuguese