CPQ for Dynamics 365

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CPQ for Dynamics 365

The Managed Solution for Dynamics 365 offers the following core functions:

  • Intuitive Product and Quote Configurator
  • Complex pricing or price calculation
  • Bidirectional interfaces to leading ERP systems
  • Full integration in Dynamics CRM with its standard entities (opportunity, quote, order, product, price, units of measure)
  • Usable in the Cloud, private Cloud or on-premise
  • The solution can be set up for specific industries

Our solution offers the following added value to your customers, employees and your company:

  • Reduce ordering and processing errors
  • Reduced configuration, quotation and ordering times
  • Shortened training and introduction period for new employees
  • Time saving for sales staff
  • Simplification of the creation of an individualized product
  • Improved tailoring of products to the needs of customers

Please contact us for a personal product presentation and a request recording!

As an element in the BizTom product group, CPQ for Dynamics 365 can of course be perfectly combined with the other modules.