Event Monitor

kiadó: Egidium Technologies

Event Monitor® - Express is a user-friendly solution meant for security teams responsible for safety

As event organizers pay close attention these days to security/safety organization methods and
effi ciency, Event Monitor – Express answers several needs:

  • Managing operational coordination of the security scheme in a digital and visually-explicit way.
  • Having an exhaustive time-stamped electronic logbook and easily shareable reporting.
  • Upfront preparation of the security staff dispatch for every phase of the event, to be used as well as
    visual basis for the lessons-learned exercise after the event’s end with all protagonists.
  • The need for mobility and user-friendliness, thanks to a portable setup (laptop or tablet) which can
    be used offl ine and is easy to use in stress situations.
  • A usage-based business model, suitable for event security.

This application is actually available only in French & English. Please ask for other languages.