Webfopag – Online Payroll


Manage your payroll with Employer compete payroll software

Employer online payroll can fully process payroll while meeting your business compliance rules.

Our main advantages:

* 100% online system

* Payroll is automatically calculated, always available and ready

* Meets all requirements in current labor laws and eSocial

* Uses Microsoft cloud technology

* Seamlessly integrates with any management software

* Simplified data entry

* Displays the step by step calculation process used by the system

* Offers specialized support for the software and for labor laws

* Over 100 operations and management reports

* Strategic alerts that simplify HR tasks

* Qualified entry of all employee historic data

* Budget allocation parameters

* Employees can access their payslips online

* Custom workflows to simplify Personnel Department processes

* Meets compliance rules

You can sign up to our software in two ways:

SaaS – Software as a Service

B.P.O. – Business Process Outsourcing

Employer Payroll currently processes payments for over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) employees in Brazil with total security and simplicity. Talk to our team and take a tour of our software.

Solution available only in Portuguese