Esports PlayerWordz

kiadó: Esposure, Inc.

Explore a Microsoft tool to enhance your esports knowledge with gamification and fun challenges

Can you talk like an esports pro? Prove it with Esports PlayerWordz, by Esposure.

PlayerWordz is a fun and exciting way to test your knowledge of common gaming slang used in text messaging, instant messaging, in-game chatting, and on Facebook and Twitter.

Power up your in-game voice chat abilities by learning the most common words, phrases and secret codes. In-game chatting is the key to a fun and immersive playing experience and players report that it makes game play more enjoyable.

With PlayerWordz’s extensive glossary, it is an ideal tool to promote and test knowledge among esports teams and players.

PlayerWordz is built on a user contribution framework that allows users to add challenge questions and answers. Incorporating PlayerWordz into your esports organization helps support the goal of building the most extensive, open-source esports knowledge base.

  • From the award-winning developers of education and immersive experiences.
  • Accredited tools and programs from EdTech experts in esports.


With PlayerWordz’s cool look and sleek design, schools, organizations, and enterprises extend Microsoft 365’s knowledge among their users through gamification. PlayerWordz is an ideal tool to promote esports and gaming knowledge among teams in online communities or games.

Have a blast creating fun and exciting knowledge challenges for your team. The goal is for users to level up their esports knowledge and gain bragging rights as the true esports pro!


  1. Player Panel. From this screen each user will be able to:

      • Start the challenge to match up words and definitions
      • Challenge other teammates to participate in PlayerWordz
      • View the correct answers
      • Access audio pronunciations

2. Admin panel. From this panel, the administrator will be able to manage:

      • Manage Words/Definitions
      • Create word categories
      • Assign or update categories
      • Manage global PlayerWordz configuration settings

3. PlayerWordz Features:

      • 200+ words and growing
      • User Contributed Words/Definition
      • Fully customizable questions/answers
      • Genre specific PlayerWordz questions
      • Fun to use for all ages

PlayerWordz is a great tool for everyone. Your esports challenge events can be a fun, successful, amazing way to raise funds and get the community involved with your organization.

There are unlimited uses for PlayerWordz and the community building opportunities are limitless. As users add new content to the PlayerWordz database, they support the goal of building the most comprehensive and dynamic esports knowledge tool for the entire industry.