EVE - cloudbased livecaptions for your event

kiadó: PAGES Media GmbH

EVE recognizes speech and generates automated live captions.

We invented EVE, as we experienced the difficulties of live captions during customer events. The objective was not only to reduce the oversized costs related to travel and external expenses of interpreters, stenographs and hardware, but to find a better digital solution as the quality of live captions related to humans often shows limitations.

Thus, EVE does not only help support organizations or companies like MICROSOFT to hit Accessibility Standards and lower costs, EVE also is an additional medium. The digital service captures every spoken word and shares a transcript (PDF version) directly after the speech for further actions, like articles, event film subtitles and SEO.

That content makes events, speeches and video-libraries completely searchable and can improve reputation and image, related to the digital footprint. Nowadays everybody posts every thought on twitter and shares pictures on instagram. But now it is the time to digitalize the spoken word!

In order to guarantee the quality of the text output, it is possible to use one or more online correctors. These editors can improve the quality even more, as it is possible to correct the text live, from anywhere. EVE learns constantly through machine learning. The basic language model is optimized constantly, and its results improve accordingly. EVE also memorizes the corrections and individual dictionaries can be uploaded to teach EVE vernacular. This application is only available in German.