Fortude Accellar Apparel Manufacturing Solution

kiadó: Fortude (Pvt) Ltd

Accellar. Better apparel production built by apparel spacialists.

Accelerate your apparel manufacturing. Only with Accellar.

Accellar helps you think in fashion-forward terms. It is an ERP system designed to tackle the tough challenges in apparel manufacturing, and ensures a smooth process flow across multiple departments.

How does it do this?
Accellar is developed by apparel industry experts with 20+ years of experience in the field. It automates tedious manual processes in apparel manufacturing. It is an intuitive solution that easily links core processes in merchandising, cost accounting, inventory, manufacturing, through to shipment.

What does this look like?
Accellar is a proven technology. It has a 10-year track record at some of the largest apparel and manufacturing companies in South Asia and Latin America. Accellar helps improve ROI, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profitability.

What can Accellar do for you?
--Increase speed-to-market to improve core efficiency
--Reduce margin erosion and increase profitability
--Limit product wastage
--Record timely, effective data for better decision-making

How Accellar integrates with Microsoft? Accellar integrates with Microsoft applications, operating systems and developments tools such as Visual Studio and SQL Management studio. This enables a robust and secure environment for organizations. Accellar offers hybrid cloud-based solutions with Microsoft Azure. Accellar development team has over 12 years expertise with Microsoft technologies.