Gerse Cloud

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Business intelligence and data warehousing as a service

Make every decision in your company better through full insight

Gerse Cloud provides companies with a total solution that offers a complete business intelligence environment in one go without long implementation and development time. Which leads to more effective sales, marketing and operational processes. As a result, you as a company perform up to 20% better.

Determine the correct metrics for each business process

Identify the most valuable customer, the most effective distribution method and have 24/7 insight into the opportunities and threats of your company. Reduce time to information (TI) and make better decisions without first unlocking and combining data.

Turnkey solution

Due to the standardization of our platform, a complete BI environment with client specifications is live within a month. As a result, the implementation time has been reduced to 1 / 6th of a "custom build" platform and the costs are therefore up to 50% lower.

One source of the truth

With Gerse Cloud, the entire organization has insight into the same information that has been processed and displayed in an unambiguous manner. No misunderstandings because of different departments with different data. Which makes the departments make choices based on old or wrong information. With Gerse Cloud this has been remedied by his "one source of the truth​" approach.

For C-suite, Professionals and data scientists

For managers, directors or CEOs, Gerse Cloud offers "easy to view" dashboards that provide direct insight into the entire performance of the company. For the professionals, there is an insight into the direct activities. For the data scientist no more data cleaning with our platform, immediately get clean data sets from our platform via the API.