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díde Education: Guiding evaluation of the student profile

This application is available in English & Spanish Díde is a Psycho-pedagogic online tool evaluate up to 35 indicators of learning, development, social and behavioral, detects difficulties on children from 2 to 18 years with 6 groups of age. Questionnaires answered ONLY by family and teachers, so the best is: "The child does not answer any questionnaires"

In order to understand and help students in their optimal development, the first thing is to know their needs as soon as possible.

Can it be done easily, without disturbing children, on a massive scale and at a very small cost?

DIDE is a tool that interprets the vision that parents and teachers have about the child and turns it into very clear reports that will give clues about the difficulties that may arise.

All in order to dedicate more time to the INTERVENTION AND SOLUTION OF THE PROBLEM.

Díde joins families, schools, teachers, psycho-pedagogy professionals, companies, associations, nurseries, academies and public institutions.

Included 9 indicators to look for the "Future profile of hostile behavior" to reduce bullying, filio-parental aggression, gender violence and child abuse. All these problems are very serious and we have them in our society, but they can be reduced if we detect in time children who have a social profile to work with them as soon as possible. Do not look for the children attacked, look for those who provoke the problem, the aggressors, so that we do not have attacked.

You can try it with two studies without cost entering this web and creating your environment of your school.

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