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JustHappit is a freemium version of the employee training solution Happit

Enabling increased productivity

Happit mission is to help people be more productive. We do this by providing support with a single click and reducing worktime loss while learning how to use new digital solutions.

Happit is a Microsoft Azure based tool, that deploys as a layer on top of any html application to help employees learn in their own context. It is a user friendly, on-the-job training tool to support all employees in their digital adoption journey.

Train new users, technologies and features.

With Happit content managers and development teams can easily personalize learning content, automate and scale delivery to improve deployment. Maximize deployment of new digital solutions and get faster ROI for your digital investments. Correspondingly, Happit is the most cost-effective way to create and deliver a user manual. Deliver content, plan exercises and task sequences directly into the UI.

With Happit you can also provide constant support for employees, facilitating better usage of current infrastructure, reducing training and external support costs. Apart from lowering support costs, Happit empowers users to learn by themselves. Happit´s "Single click learning" is a solution that enables users to get all the help and support they need, when they need it.

Happit grows with you

Happit is suited for companies middle and large size companies, ranging from 250 to 5000 employees all the way up to 10 000 and more. Happit is a scalable solution that adapts to the specific demands of your company.