Harmonic Live Streaming

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VOS360 is Harmonic's Media Processing as a Service Solution for OTT and Broadcast

The award-winning VOS360 solution from Harmonic transforms traditional video preparation and delivery into a comprehensive software as a service (SaaS) offering, helping you launch revenue-generating streaming services quickly. Hosted in the public cloud, the secure, carrier-grade VOS360 service is easily accessed over Azure and provides all the essential media processing functions, making it easier than ever to deliver broadcast-quality video directly to consumer devices.

By removing the need to build out a physical plant and with pay per-use-pricing, VOS360 SaaS dramatically alters the economics of video content delivery. The VOS360 service is operated by Harmonic 24/7/365, assuring that your content streams smoothly and securely with superior video quality. The service makes it possible to prepare and deliver content from anywhere in the world, with total geographic redundancy and operational resiliency.

Unifying the entire media processing chain, from ingest through delivery, VOS360 features six primary micro-services that conform to the essential functions in media processing: ingest, playout, graphics, transcoding, encryption and delivery. Highly efficient workflows are accessed by simply selecting capabilities within each of these functionalities. Template-based workflows are also available, allowing for rapid, consistent configuration of system resources. Transcoding on VOS360 is performed by the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, an advanced, software-based technology that supports SD, HD and UHD formats and MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC codecs.

As a true SaaS built for professional media processing, VOS360 features the hallmarks of openness, scalability and agility. Support for Harmonic APIs let you work the way you want, while usage-based, tiered pricing assures that you pay only for the functions actually used. All VOS360 capabilities are managed from a single, intuitive user interface. Simply define your sources, upload your VOD catalog, define distribution policies, and start engaging with your audiences. VOS360 SaaS allows you to launch your services faster, increases operational efficiency, and helps you to control your costs.