Supplier Relationship Management Accelerator

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Boost your business with strategic partnerships and improved supplier relations

Improve supplier relationships and decision-making with end-to-end management of your entire supplier lifecycle

In an ever-shifting market, your company's strength lies in a supply chain that can weather any storm. Building strong, collaborative relationships with your suppliers is key to keeping the gears turning smoothly, giving you an unbeatable edge.

Embracing top-tier supply chain management tools can revolutionize your operations, infusing your enterprise with resilience, adaptability, and clarity—key ingredients for undeniable success.

Our Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) accelerator provides comprehensive management of the entire supplier lifecycle, beginning with initial supplier registration on the Supplier Portal, progressing to qualification within the SRM system, and synchronizing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations or any other ERP or CRM platform, which oversees the maintenance of supplier purchase orders.


  • Streamline global supplier data and document management for efficient operations.
  • Simplify supplier registration, onboarding, and main portal navigation to enhance supplier engagement.
  • Improve supplier evaluation processes by assessing capabilities, quality, and risks, leading to better partnerships.
  • Facilitate easy management and access to supplier documents and certificates, ensuring compliance.
  • Achieve seamless integration with Office 365 (Outlook, Teams), BI Portal, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations for cohesive workflows.
  • Benefit from a highly customized user interface tailored to specific business needs.
  • Enable seamless transitions between the customer website and supplier portal, improving user experiences.
  • Utilize an intuitive UI/UX design and drag-and-drop interface for effortless navigation and management.
  • Incorporate built-in data management for accurate and reliable supplier information.
  • Leverage the Power Pages-based supplier portal for enhanced accessibility and functionality.
  • Access the SRM application on mobile devices for management on the go.
  • Enhance decision-making with advanced reporting and embedded Power BI reports for in-depth supplier analysis.
  • Utilize advanced supplier search features for efficient identification and selection of suppliers

Our longstanding partnership with Microsoft, combined with our knowledge of the industry, enables us to develop, implement, and maintain technology strategies that can truly transform the way your firm does business.