HyperNym Smart Generator Management System

kiadó: HyperNym FZ LLC

Smart Generator System with Consumption analysis and provide predictive Maintenance Approach.

HyperNet Genset monitoring is a powerful system that uses IoT sensors and devices to remotely monitor the performance, status, and health of power generators. The system can be installed in various settings, including data centers, hospitals, factories, and other facilities that rely on backup power sources.

HyperNet Genset Solution has two different approaches to provide the customer with an advanced analytics and pro-active approach. The gateway with the panel, where we install our devices with the panel where it will be connected to the industrial communications or through ECU. The panel free gensets, we propose storing the sensors on the gateways to monitor the consumption and the storage runtime of the fuel, energy and engine runtime. The data collected by the sensors is transmitted to a central hub, where it is processed and analyzed by software algorithms that generate alerts and reports.

The benefits of HyperNet Genset monitoring are numerous. First, it allows for real-time monitoring of generator performance and status, which can help detect potential problems before they become serious and costly. Second, it enables remote monitoring, so that technicians can diagnose issues and troubleshoot problems from afar, reducing the need for on-site visits. Third, it helps optimize generator efficiency by providing insights into fuel consumption and load patterns, which can help operators fine-tune generator usage.

HyperNet Genset monitoring is an essential tool for ensuring the reliability and performance of backup power systems. By providing real-time insights into generator performance, it helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs, while improving overall energy efficiency.