Cloud of Knowledge (Physicon)


Digital education system and interactive platform for K-12

Cloud of Knowledge is Microsoft Azure-based digital education system includes:

  • Online labs for schools, colleges and high school: to conduct online lab classes and research projects in schools, colleges and high school;
  • Interactive workbooks and training programs to prepare for Academic Olympics and exams: include over 20,000 interactive tasks;
  • Collections of interactive lessons for interactive boards & multimedia-systems: animation, videos, interactive simulations, images and schemes, photos, interactive 3D models, video.

PHYSICON is the digital publisher and one of the Russian leader in developing the digital educational content. PHYSICON’s digital learning products have already been translated into 10 languages and published in 18 countries across the world, including Germany, France, Italy, UK and US. Since 1997, the company has developed half a million educational learning objects in a variety of subjects for American publishers, e.g. Thomson Learning, Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill.

In partnership with Microsoft, we are happy to offer: customized educational content; content adjustment for the national educational programs; content localization (including translation services).