Infosys Analytics Workbench

kiadó: Infosys Ltd

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Accelerate your data science life cycle by 30% through agile experimentation

Infosys Analytics Workbench breaks the barriers that are currently leading to inefficient analytics life cycle by providing a platform that empowers self-service analytics

The solution provides best-in-class capabilities for data discovery, wrangling, analytical modelling, model management, visualization and self-service model consumption, to deliver end-to-end self-service capabilities to the data analyst and scientist community

  • Smart data catalogue for self-service data discovery
  • Best-in-class wrangling capability around structured and semi-structured data across multiple sources enabling data scientists to work in a boundary less data landscape
  • Analytics Marketplace for data scientists to publish models and business users to consume models in a self-service manner
  • Supports all the popular analytical engines and scalable model execution to address the need of the new digital landscape

Opportunity Areas:

  • Self-service analytics
  • Continuous experimentation in an insights driven organization
  • Analytics @ Scale
  • Analytics to Driven Market Research