Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite

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IEDPS is an enterprise class privacy solution that enables an organization to protect sensitive data

Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (iEDPS) is an easy-to-use, high performance, scalable, and cost-effective data privacy and protection solution that automates the data masking process of an enterprise in a centralized manner. iEDPS protects confidential, sensitive, private, and personally identifiable information within enterprise repositories. iEDPS can be deployed on any platform, and supports all major databases and file systems.

Key Features

·  Sensitive Data Discovery - Identifies the data stores or entities that store sensitive PII within the organization

·  Selective Masking  - Masks a subset of data using regular expressions for speed and efficiency

·  Multiple Algorithm Support – Multiple transformations to cater to wide ranging needs such as anonymization and pseudonymization.

·  Synthetic Data Generation – Generates synthetic data based on configuration for testing needs

·  Data Subsetting – Creates small targeted copies of original database based on specified subsetting rules

 Business Benefits

·  iEDPS ensures protection of sensitive data across production, test and development environments. Maintaining data privacy avoids costly consequences of data breaches and frauds.

·  iEDPS follows a consistent and standard method of masking across all databases in an enterprise. This results in uniform de-identified data that complies with business rules.

·  iEDPS supports a wide range of data sources and can be easily extended to support any new data masking needs

·  Ensures availability of high quality anonymized test data thereby improving quality of testing