Infosys Integrate+ for Azure

kiadó: Infosys Ltd

Turbocharge your digital journey with Infosys Integrate+ for Azure offerings

Infosys Integrate+ for Azure is a highly relevant offering for clients using Microsoft integration products on-premise, and/or considering Azure. It provides a comprehensive solution for building and operating an Azure-native integration platform, along with features providing industrial speed and scale in integration delivery. The offering is unique and differentiated in many respects:

  • Proven expertise in AIS migration and AIS-based integration strategy modernization
  • Platform-based model for highest productivity and guaranteed success
  • Close collaboration with Microsoft on AIS offering solution 

Some of the key features include following:

  • Fully integrated with Azure Services Ecosystem
  • Unified configuration for standardization of flow configurations
  • Pre-configured curated patterns palette aligning with Microsoft-recommended AIS best practices
  • Streamlined & automated developer workflows eliminating manual plumbing activities
  • Build and deployment automation through Integrated DevOps tooling
  • Monitoring dashboard to support self-healing operations

Opportunity Areas:

  • Legacy Modernization by adopting server less integration using Azure
  • Connect Enterprise Systems to Cloud
  • Building holistic integration solution including API Management, EAI, Process Orchestration, Messaging & Events on Azure
  • Seamless connectivity of everything on-cloud and on-premise including complex A2A, SaaS, B2B and IOT use cases