Intapp Time & Compliance

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Intapp Time automatically captures all work effort and ensures client & firm compliance.

Intapp Time provides a comprehensive, cloud-based system that helps professional services firms improve their timekeeping practices to improve realization, honor client commitments, and free timekeepers from mundane time-recording tasks. It automatically captures billable and nonbillable work effort while ensuring compliance to billing terms at the point of time entry.

  • AI-powered automated time capture reduces revenue leakage.
  • Accurate and compliant invoices keep client relationships strong with integrations to Intapp Terms
  • Always-on, contemporaneous timekeeping frees you from the chore of time reconstruction
  • Robust integrations connect timekeeping data with multiple FMS solutions

Together with Intapp Billstream and Intapp Terms to deliver Compliant Time and Billing, your firm can accelerate the work-to-collect cycle and
  • Reduce write-downs, client queries, and e-billing rejections
  • Dramatically shrink the interval from time worked to payment received
  • Move compliance validation upstream to the point of time entry, continuing through to billing
  • Automatically integrate timekeeping with client billing terms
  • Present bills that accurately reflect effort, delivery, and value

Move beyond the limits of traditional time and billing to a modern solution that maximizes firm profitability.