Grado Online School System

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GRADO is the Only School System You'll Ever Need.

A Sensibly Simple A+ School System

Kick-start your student enlistment with 
Grado and register a student experience 
that's excellent.


We can’t please everybody, but we hope to please and win praises from those who matter – from administrators managing course configurations to students handling their enrollment, and even assessors getting an immediate calculation on payments and balances.

Overall, we want every stakeholder’s valuable time and resources managed seamlessly into a highly responsive working system rated for flexibility and efficiency.

Break records, not ranks

Monitor student and subject activities real-time for quick coordination and conflict resolution with the appropriate authority immediately as they arise.

Build bridges, not cages.

Departments, subjects, instructors, classes, sections, and students are among those with the most webbed relationship in the school ecosystem. Linking them systematically allows wider freedom to access information as needed when needed.

No Long queues, just a long list of benefits

Only get involved in planning and then experience school transactions falling rightly and automatically in place. Processing more transactions with fewer queues and lesser wait time start after convenient configurations of school requirements and student eligibility.