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Save countless hours of preparation and focus on your projects sooner.

Carbon rapidly duplicates CCB and MDM accounts for training and testing via a web-based interface. An easy-to-learn tool that any team can get started with very quickly, Carbon is designed to simplify any project where identical or similar accounts are required. Carbon decreases training preparation while providing a consistent and simplified environment that students can practice in multiple times. It also allows testers to replicate problematic accounts into development environments so that issues can be fixed promptly.

Training: Carbon allows trainers to create many copies of a single account from any environment that meets their scenario requirements. Carbon makes training:
  • Easier to prepare: The time required to prepare the accounts for training can be reduced by an order of magnitude.
  • Consistent: All trainees have the same experience. The trainer no longer has to deal with issues related to each trainee having a different account.
  • Robust: Each CSR can practice the scenario several times. More replicas of accounts can be made quickly and on the fly, if necessary.
  • Simplified: All training is done in one environment.
Testing: With Carbon, accounts can be replicated from production and between development and testing environments. Carbon assists with:
  • Problematic accounts: Issues can easily be located and fixed by replicating the account in the development environment.
  • Testing accounts: Replica accounts can be tested first to confirm the veracity of the fix before testing on the original account. The original account remains pristine until the correct fix is found.
  • Automation testing: Never run out of accounts.
Carbon is utilized by trainers, testers, and IT management daily. Duplication of accounts becomes a simple task that takes minimal time. The users of Carbon save countless hours of preparation and can focus on their projects sooner.