Azure App Foundry

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Enterprise Scale DevOps Platform for rapidly creating or modernizing Azure solutions.

What is Azure App Foundry?

Created by Intergen, one of Microsoft’s leading partners, Azure App Foundry is an enterprise platform for creating Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions quickly and easily.
  • Powered by the #1 cloud - Microsoft Azure
  • Trusted by enterprise organisations
  • Significantly reduces development time
  • Unlocks cloud innovation
  • Built by engineers, for engineers
Featuring a large number of pre-built components and best-practice DevOps automation tools, Azure App Foundry allows for rapid creation of mobile-first solutions to let you migrate, modernize or create cloud applications from scratch. Azure App Foundry has already been deployed by several enterprise organisations for mission critical applications. If it has to be developed, you should be considering Azure App Foundry to accelerate your next project.

Striking the right balance

Azure App Foundry strikes the right balance between a fully customized solution and a configured off-the-shelf offerings from both Microsoft and other SaaS providers such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Office 365, PowerApps or one of the many Low Code development platforms. Azure App Foundry provides high levels of flexibility and rapid implementation, but with significantly lower cost and reduced risk with pre-built and tested components that can be configured by engineers. With a fully customized solution, you typically have a high level of flexibility to meet your requirements. However, developing a secure, scalable and high-performance solution from scratch can come with high cost and a relatively high risk of failure. Conversely, a configured off-the-shelf solution will typically cost less and can be deployed faster. But the ability to meet specific requirements and develop innovative new features may be limited. With cloud software-as-a-service solutions, you are also forced to adapt to high rates of change with frequent updates.


Reduced development time
Extensive library of configurable components to rapidly create your application. No more re-inventing the wheel.

Enterprise ready
Enterprise-level architecture providing security, scalability, flexibility, and high availability with geo-redundancy.

Best practice DevOps
Best practice automated Azure DevOps: build, deploy, test, and monitor across applications and infrastructure.

Backed by experts
Our award-winning team of engineers is here to enable you to succeed with a DevOps model.

Field tested
Enterprise organisations trust Azure App Foundry to deliver mission critical enterprise applications.