CAP2AM - Identity and Access Management

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Identity & Access Management - Streamline user identity management, provisioning and access requests

Your Fastest IG&A Adoption and  process.

Cap2AM is an IG&A (Identity Governance and Administration) solution that establishes an integrated and effective task flow among the main corporate systems and resources, allowing organizations to have a comprehensive synergy among governance, usability, integration and auditing.

Top 5 challenges covered by CAP2AM

How our alignment with trends in the IG&A scenario is supporting our customers?

As technology continues to bring more users, applications and data together, these connections also bring more security needs. Identity governance & administration is the easiest way to implement your digital transformation faster and reduce risk.

  • Identity & Provisioning (AD, Office 365 & licencing)
  • Access Requests (Self-service catalog)
  • Access Certification (Governance)
  • Password Mgmt
  • SoD Matrix

AD & Office 365 Provisioning

CAP2AM will help you to avoid excess permissions by automatically adjusting and removing user access as change happens, helping reduce risk while improving your compliance and productivity.

Identity sources: ADP, Apdata, Senior, SAP, Oracle, LG, Totvs etc

Automatically provisioning: Active Directory, Office 365, Google Workspace (G Suite), Exchange on-premises etc

Automate Identity Lifecycle Administration

Automate all lifecycles with any access type for external or internal users.

Hands off real-time user provisioning triggered by your preferred HR system including ADP, Apdata, Senior, SAP, Oracle, LG, Totvs etc

Integration to Active Directory including extended rich profiles, group push, and license and role assignment all in a single and centralized point.

Self-service Access Requests

Whenever a user needs access to a new application or corporate resource, they can go to the catalog where applications are listed.

By starting a request access, they are automatically provisioned — or, if needed, routed to their manager to approve the request.

Access Certification

Never trust, always verify.

Users take on different roles, take on new responsibilities and use more applications and data to do their jobs. To keep your organization safe – and ready for auditing – it is critical to ensure that access remains appropriate for all users.

CAP2AM automates user access reviews and reporting, making it easy for your business team to manage approvals.