Receive enhanced evidence with the kulpa PCC. The enterprise solution for more effective policing.

When proving a criminal offence beyond reasonable doubt, evidence is everything. So, kulpa has become the first ever UKAS accredited platform for securely storing and sending evidence; evidence which, due to kulpa's technology and accreditations, holds evidential weight and is immediately legally admissible.

The front end of kulpa is a free public application which can be downloaded from the apple app or google play stores, or accessed online via any web browser. The app or web-app enables anyone to capture and store evidence in a way which ensures that it holds evidential weight and is legally admissible.

The platform absorbs and analyses the metadata of all evidence which is captured with, or uploaded to, the app. This essentially means that the evidence is already verified without further processes being required, such as a full device download.

kulpa empowers those who have suffered a crime, or those who support them, to securely store evidence until such a time that they are ready to report it to policing. Users can use the kulpa app to document what happened, when and where, and upload all forms of supporting evidence, including photos, videos, messaging conversations, social media profiles, audio recordings and more. The app handles any file, any size and its forensic technology means victims can also take scaled forensic images of physical injuries, upload medical records, and even keep a private journal.

If and when a user does decide to submit the evidence they have stored to police, policing should have substantive and significant evidence, which can be immediately used to move the investigation forward and, hopefully, achieve a positive result more quickly.

The kulpa cloud police command and control system (kPCC) is the enterprise solution which enables a police force to get the maximum benefits and efficiency savings from the kulpa platform when a member of the public uses kulpa to upload evidence and report a crime.

The enterprise kPCC system enables a force to quickly review an incident and all of the supporting evidence submitted. The system also enables a reference number to be associated with the case and an officer to be assigned, who will then also have access to the evidence. Via the secure chat function, the OIC can also securely communicate with the victim, perhaps to request any further evidence.

The kPCC also enables the police force to download all of the files in their native format for upload to a Record Management System (RMS). Or, kulpa can build an API for automatic absorption. As kulpa absorbs and analyses all of the metadata from any evidence captured with or uploaded to it, police will no longer need to download mobile phones and other devices to verify it. Instead, they will be provided with enhanced evidence, together with all of the metadata required to verify the evidence presented, and it will all be presented in a prepared, compliant evidential statement.

By adopting kulpa, a police force can empower victims and survivors, and obtain the evidence required to successfully prosecute and safeguard in a far greater quantity, using fewer resources, and with reduced trauma to the victim.

The kulpa platform has been purposefully designed to be totally flexible, and no integration with existing systems is required in order to make full use of it. However, kulpa can, as a full SaaS provider, build any API connections required should an integration or automated data transfer be desired.