Take 15 Self-Hosted Training Productions

kiadó: Lai and Associates Inc.

Take 15 is an innovative web-based learning tool helping users adapt to new workplace technology.

Take 15 is an innovative web-based learning tool designed to help users adapt to new technologies in the workplace. More than just educating your team members on “how to use it”, Take 15 takes an interactive approach using a 15-minute audio/visual webcast format to help reveal the actual advantages of the subject matter – new technologies, systems or software – and encourage quick adaptation and use in the workplace.

Take 15 does not replace training; it enhances the experience by using relatable workplace examples and experiences to highlight what the new service or technology can offer the user and, more importantly, helps encourage its use. The webcast format allows for greater reach throughout the organization and easy user access.

The real advantage of Take 15 is the host of the segment. Having experienced experts help take fellow team members through the technology, sharing their experiences, and using real work scenarios is what Take 15 was created to do.