Secure Cloud Management Platform

kiadó: LEONARDO S.P.A.

Meet the need to manage, orchestrate, protect and govern hybrid, multi-cloud and edge computing

Leonardo has developed the Secure Cloud Management Platform to meet the increasing need to manage, orchestrate, protect and govern hybrid, multi-cloud and edge computing environments. The Secure Cloud Management Platform, implemented with a Secure by Design approach, plays an essential role in managing complex hybrid and multi-Cloud environments, where services provided by diverse Cloud Service Providers, and services deployed on Cloud, on premise, and in edge infrastructures, must coexist and cooperate. This integrated approach allows an overall visibility on the resources, simplifies their management and facilitates their optimisation within the infrastructure, thus enabling constant control over performance, quality of service provided and security. The Secure Cloud Management Platform also enables the use of Confidential Computing resources to ensure the protection of sensitive and critical data during the processing activities.

The Secure Cloud Management Platform consists of several integrated modules that address all the aspects related to the management of hybrid or multi-cloud environments.
  • INVENTORY & CLASSIFICATION: to identify and classify the resources available on the public and on premise clouds of the overall architecture. The resources are listed in a catalogue, inside the inventory of the Secure Cloud Management Platform, which enables their integrated management. Services classification according to their technical characteristics is also possible. This module allows to manage all the resources in a uniform way, regardless of the allocation of workloads, which may be on different Cloud Service Providers or on the organisation’s on-premise private Cloud
  • MONITORING & ANALYTICS: to collect and visualize performance and “capacity” metrics relative to the resources detected by the INVENTORY & CLASSIFICATION module. Through graphs that allow the analysis of trends of the collected and historical parameters, it is possible to understand if and when it is necessary to optimise the use of resources. In addition, this module supports the decision-making process by providing a what-if analysis tool, which allows the simulation of possible scenarios to assess the impact of any changes in the capacity of the infrastructure, or the migration of workloads from one environment to another.
  • SECURITY & COMPLIANCE: to centrally verify the compliance with regulations, standards, and best practices. The Secure Cloud Management Platform also integrates encryption services (Key Management System) that enable the implementation of encryption mechanisms external to the public Cloud provider (Bring Your Own Key or Hold Your Own Key).
  • COST MANAGEMENT: to manage the costs related to Cloud Service Providers and analyse the cost related metrics for services detected by the INVENTORY & CLASSIFICATION module. The module allows the visualisation of current and past expenditures data, both aggregated and per asset. The what-if analysis makes it possible to evaluate expenditure trends by simulating the introduction of new resources provided by Cloud Service Providers, or the modification of the characteristics of services already available in order to optimize costs.
  • ORCHESTRATION: to support the autonomous and standardised creation of a catalogue of complex Blueprints. It is possible to include Virtual machines, storage, Kubernetes clusters, network components and other elements that integrate infrastructure resources.
  • PROVISIONING: to manage the “provisioning” of the resources included in the catalogue on the different Cloud services of the managed architecture. The module supports the mapping of the customised catalogue to service catalogues on both public and private Clouds. The customised catalogue, which is fully managed by the customer, allows resources to be selected and provisioned on the different environments constituting the hybrid Cloud or multi-Cloud architecture.